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Fequently Asked Questions

I have heard that my website needs optimising. What does this mean?

Optimising your web site means make it more friendly to search engines. The more search engine friendly you make your site the more likely search engines are to index it.

How long does it take to get a web site indexed?

Indexing can take from anywhere between a couple of days to six months, possibly longer in extreme circumstances. As part of our package, we guarantee that your site will be indexed by the search engines.

I already have a site that is indexed by search engines. Why is nobody buying off my site?

Just because your site is indexed does not mean that it will necessarily appear for searches for keywords that people are typing, as submission needs to be backed up with further optimisation techniques. We optimise your site so it can be found for popular related keyword searches.

However, even the number one ranking on every search engine can't guarantee sales if you're not providing a product or service that people want to buy!

Why am I not number one on Search Engines?

Generally speaking, there is no guarantee that you can claim the number one spot for searches relating to your keywords - and in extreme cases your company name if it happens to be similar to another successful product. However, optimisation of your site makes your page more search engine friendly, and chances are that it will appear high up the list of similar or related searches that will gain you extra visitors that you otherwise might not have expected, so there are obvious swings and roundabouts in this area.

It is also worth noting that search engines change the way they rank pages all the time, so one minute you might be hidden away on page 25 and the next you may shoot up to number one, so don't ever give up on search engine optimisation!

Can't I just do the search engine submission myself?

Search engine submission is a long and drawn out process which can prove incredibly frustrating, so we can take the pain out of the task for you. Also, as we're constantly working in this area, we're excellently placed to be aware of all the latest hints and tricks that can help you to achieve a better ranking.

Any additional work you can put in through link building (e.g. getting links from other sites that you can obtain through personal contacts) will be of benefit to your search engine position.

Should I use search engine optimisation instead of other forms of online advertising?

Search engine optimisation is just another form of advertising - but a crucial one if you want to take advantage of the millions of people using search engines such as Google every day.

You'll enjoy the best levels of success if you combine a little bit of everything, such as optimising your search engine position, Using sponsored banner ads such as Google Adsense, and using e-mailing marketing systems such as Maxomail™. If you use all these techniques in cohesion, it's an excellent step towards online sales success.